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Since 1995, AlphaTron, LLC. has provided premier client support on a wide range of industrial, office and home automation services.


PMS (Preventive Maintenance Plan)

Now is the time for a Preventive Maintenance Plan (PMS). It prolongs the life of your computer system. AlphaTron Preventive Maintenance Plans are tailored for each individual client. We ensure that the inside of the computer is dust free, clean of spyware and all non-required data is eliminated. Let AlphaTron help keep your networks up and running.

So are you getting rid of the last computer you had and upgrading to a new computer system?

Did you clear off your old systems hard drive to make sure that no one can get your data? Let AlphaTron makes sure your data can not be retrieved by anyone!!!!!!

We can monitor your Personal Computers' (health and security).
We can help you determine if a machine is healthy.
We will alert you, if it needs repair.
It is the state of the art maintenance for the entire office or home system.
W hen you need it the most, we can help keep the system up and running.